Wednesday, August 31, 2011

You Tell Me!

I hate public speaking and would never enjoy giving lectures or sermons, partly because I'm a raging introvert but mostly because I never want to answer questions people aren't asking.  That's why I prefer counseling - I have the opportunity to sit with an individual, couple, or family and speak to their real issues and make sure by the end that they have what they need.  So I want this blog to be the same, an opportunity for people to get answers to questions relevant to them.  My approach up until now has been just to comb through old files and approach common issues and concerns that come up often and I'll continue to do this, but also wanted to add this option.  You can leave a comment below, publicly or anonymously, or you can email me at and give your request for a blog topic.  Obviously this isn't meant as free or even an effective replacement for counseling but rather an opportunity for topics to be brought up that I may not have thought to address.

So what are your ideas for me to address?  One client said she would bring in all of her negative self-views relating to her ADHD for me to give the positive flip side of for a blog entry.  I want to do more marriage stuff regarding communication and conflict resolution stuff, more parenting tips, dealing with specific conditions like ADHD or Depression or Anxiety, and more Christian theology and living.  It always shocks me which blog posts get the biggest hits, this of course was right after I got over the shock that tons of people are actually regularly reading the blog at all.  Biggest topics - Christian theology and living - so maybe more of that?  How can an all powerful and all loving God allow for pain and suffering in the world?  Is the goal of the Christian life eliminating sin?  How does God's sovereignty work?  What the heck is supralapserianism?  Maybe I'm not the best to answer all of that but I am interested to hear what your questions, concerns, and ideas are for future blog entries!

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